How To Keep Your Dog Cool During The Summer

Desert Coolers Keep Your Dog Cool in the Heat.

Roxy in the spaAge, fitness level and breed all can affect how well your dog will fare in the summer heat, but even young, healthy and active dogs are prone to heat strokes when temperatures are well over 90 degrees.

Dogs are able to keep cool in the summer by using an efficient cooling system that mimics the mechanical system which occurs in Desert Cooler evaporation.

The system is located in the dog’s mouth, sinus cavities and tongue which work together to form an evaporative cooling mechanism. When a dog starts panting, this puts the evaporative system to work. The panting pulls air through the sinuses and mouth area. While panting, a dog salivates, increasing the amount of liquid used for evaporative cooling.

Yearly there are numerous sad and regretful incidents where homeowners leave their homes and forget to switch on the cooling system. This endangers the life of their pets and increases the risk of accidental death by overheating and suffocation.

Know how to read the signs that your dog is exhibiting – if they are panting heavily, if they have a belled out tongue, are restless and acting in an uneasy manner, these are indicators that the temperature has become too high. If you are outside, bring your dog indoors and switch on your evaporative cooling system in order for them to cool off and regain some of their health.

An evaporative cooler can help your dog to remain cool and healthy while you are not at home, it will cool the living area and bring down the temperature so that your dog will be safe from heat danger at pennies on the dollar compared to your air conditioner.

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