Swamp Coolers

Cooling the Green way

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Save Green, be Green with Evaporative Cooling. You have probably heard your friends and neighbors fondly talk about their evaporative coolers, sometimes referred to as swamp coolers. You may have wondered what evaporative coolers are, and what makes them so special. Evaporative cooling works on the principle of heat absorption by moisture evaporation. The evaporative cooler draws exterior air into special pads soaked with water, where the air is cooled by evaporation, then circulated into [...]

Desert Coolers Keep Your Dog Cool in the Heat

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Age, fitness level and breed all can affect how well your dog will fare in the summer heat, but even young, healthy and active dogs are prone to heat strokes when temperatures are well over 90 degrees. Dogs are able to keep cool in the summer by using an efficient cooling system that mimics the mechanical system which occurs in Desert Cooler evaporators. The system is located in the dog’s mouth, sinus cavities and tongue [...]