Consider a Dual Cooling System for Your Home

A dual cooling system combines the benefits of evaporative coolers (also known as swamp coolers) and regular air conditioning systems to effectively cool your home. Having a dual cooling system not only makes a home more comfortable, but it is also an energy innovation that protects the environment, improves efficiency and significantly reduces operation costs. It allows you to control your indoor cooling environment along with lowering utility costs according to the humidity level that is comfortable to you.

What makes the system ideal is that it allows you to alternate between two energy sources, depending on outdoor conditions. During periods of low humidity the swamp cooler can cool the home with less energy. During humid periods your air conditioner reduces the humidity of the air that is being used to cool the home.

The coolness of the swamp cooler feels like you are standing in front of a waterfall because it is cooling your place through water evaporation, adding moisture to a dry desert climate. When humidity arrives you need to do the opposite: take the moisture out of the air. At that time, you will switch over to the air conditioner.

Providing your home, office or commercial warehouse with the option of your desired form of cooling: that is the dual cooling system.

Another advantage of the dual cooling system is that the evaporative cooler can precool the home and reduce the work needed by the air conditioner. Reducing the central air conditioner’s use leads to substantial energy savings. This is extremely desirable, since over the next four years utility rates are scheduled to increase as much as 40% according to Southern California Edison.

It just makes sense to incorporate dual cool systems for your indoor comfort needs. Contact Desert Cooler Specialist today. Give us a call at 760-832-8737.

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