Evaporative Coolers and Air Conditioners

As the temperature outside continues to rise this summer, your home will quickly become too hot and unbearable. It doesn’t have to be that way. To maintain a cool home throughout the summer, a dual cooling system can be pressed into service. The dual system is composed of both an evaporative cooler (also known as a swamp cooler) and an air conditioning unit working in tandem and complementing one another in an effort to create the most comfortable environment for your home in the most efficient way possible.

Air conditioner units incorporate cold evaporator coils, hot condenser coils and a compressor pump to transfer indoor heat to the outdoors. The system passes indoor air through the evaporator coil where a heat transfer fluid, known as a refrigerant, absorbs the heat. The heat, in its gaseous form, is then carried to the condenser coil. Condensed into a liquid again, the heat is released and channeled outside. Air conditioner units are either air cooled, blowing air through the condenser coils to help dissipate the heat, or water-cooled, by running water over or through the hot condenser coils.

An evaporative cooling system, on the other hand, uses the natural process of water evaporation along with a blower. This system pulls fresh air from the outside through wet padded filters that cause the water to evaporate, while cooling the air. Evaporative coolers are much less expensive to install than standard air conditioners and use only a quarter as much energy, but they are only highly effective and energy efficient in areas of low humidity.

The system requires twice-a-year maintenance to prevent minerals from the evaporating water to build up over the filter media. Under favorable conditions and in areas with low humidity, evaporative cooling works efficiently, especially considering how little electricity it consumes.
The type of cooling system your home needs depends in large part on your climate and cooling loads.

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