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Licensed contractors know the law in regards to safety, as well as city and state codes. Licensed contractors are insured with liability and workers comp insurance which in turn protects you the home owner. By choosing an expert in this field you are choosing someone that specializes in the service and installation of evaporative coolers. Someone that stands behind what they do with warranties and guarantees, not someone that dabbles in it on weekends. A company that carries a A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Servicing the Coachella Valley for over 30 years. Desert Cooler Specialist is the only evaporative cooling company in the Coachella Valley that specializes in evaporative coolers. We don’t do air conditioning, we don’t do plumbing and we don’t do handyman work. We just do evaporative cooling. We are the expert when it comes to evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling has gained rapid acceptance because the process relies solely on water evaporation with extremely low energy consumption to produce a significant amount of cooling. Evaporative cooling will generally pay for itself (including installation) in just a few seasons. This equates to a great investment for consumers, who on the average, own the same home for at least 5 to 6 years. Also, the low cost of maintaining this equipment is an added advantage to the end user. Evaporative cooling makes sense as add-on equipment to complement existing refrigerated air systems. Installing an evaporative cooler significantly reduces the amount of time that mechanical refrigeration is needed in a given season and the associated higher cost of operation. Evaporative cooling is the most environmentally friendly form of cooling.

Nature’s most efficient means of cooling is through the evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling works on the principle of heat absorption by moisture evaporation. The evaporative cooler draws exterior air into special pads soaked with water, where the air is cooled by evaporation, then circulated into your space.

Many different choices are available: window units, ducted roof mount units and ground mounted units all the way to large industrial units. There are also many types of filter media for each of the above styles of coolers.

Aspen pads are made of shredded aspen wood and are approximately 75% efficient. Rigid media pads are made of glued together cellulose material that is honeycomb in shape and being approximately 85% efficient. Rigid Media comes in several thicknesses such as 8”, 12” and a 4 x 4 media. The thicker the media the more efficient the cooling ranges.

Evaporative coolers are sized for the area to be cooled. From one room application to 10,000 square foot warehouses evaporative coolers work best when sized correctly. With evaporative cooling bigger is not better.

An evaporative cooler consumes about one-quarter of the electrical energy required to operate a refrigerated air conditioning unit. You can save up to 80% on your summer cooling bills with evaporative cooling.

You may have inadequate air exhaust. Open more windows or doors for better exhaust in different rooms of your home. Windows should be opened to about 4” to 6” and for sliding door about 4” because of the height of the door. For every 1,000 CFM of air delivery 2 sq. ft. of unrestricted air relief is required. Check the water distribution system for insufficient water to the pads. Replace Aspen pads every year for maximum cooling , clean or replace Rigid Media if needed. Check to make sure that the water supply system is working correctly, your coolers circulation system is not clogged and is delivering enough water over the media.

The evaporative cooler draws fresh exterior air through Aspen or Rigid Media pads soaked with water. The air is cooled, filtered and circulated through the home with fresh, clean, cooled air. The hot, stale air will need to be exhausted and this is referred to as “exhaust air”. A good relief design exhausts slightly more air then your cooler is supplying.

Depending on the design of your evaporative cooling system you will need to open windows and sliding doors enough to exhaust the air within the home or warehouse about every 2 to 3 minutes. It may feel too moist or damp inside without properly exhausting your evaporative cooler’s air.

Up-dux is a ceiling vent allowing the air to pass through the attic area and out through the roof vents. When the cooler comes on, the air pressure automatically opens the up-dux barometric dampers and when the cooler shuts off, the damper automatically closes. Yes, this means that you must cut into your ceiling to install Up-dux. The Up-dux comes with a slide damper that should be installed whenever you switch from evaporative cooling to central air conditioning to prevent you from air conditioning your attic. Up-dux are used instead of opening doors and windows.

Other than the direction of the vents you can control the flow of air by opening the windows or doors in different rooms that you want to pull the air into. By opening windows or doors you can control the air flow from one room to another. With evaporative cooling you don’t have to have a vent in every room to cool the entire home unlike central air conditioning.

The Auto Flush System will automatically replace the water in your cooler with fresh, clean water every 8 or 12 hours of operation time. This will flush out the old, mineral-laden water in the pan and bring in all new clean water. An Auto Flush is one way to Super Charge your evaporative cooler. By minimizing the mineral build up on your filter media, you maintain a better cooling range longer during the cooling season.

Use and misuse of the above will result in voiding the warranty of the cooler. To maintain your warranty the evaporative cooler requires service at least twice a year, spring time start up and winter time close down. Insuring proper maintenance is the up most importance…use a company with qualified technicians, who know what they are doing.

Regular maintenance is essential and we recommend a minimum of two times during the season for cooling comfort, extending the life of the cooler and to avoid unnecessary parts replacement. This service should be at spring start up, and winter close down for maximum performance and longevity of your system.

Every evaporative cooler requires service at least twice a year. Spring time start up and winter time close down. Just like your automobile, your evaporative cooler needs service as well. Spring time start up will ensure that your evaporative cooler is operating at peak performance. Replace the Aspen filter media or clean the Rigid media for maximum performance of your cooler. Proper tension of the belt on the air delivery system will ensure you worry free performance during the cooling season. Winter close down is the most important service your evaporative cooler should have. After summer use your evaporative cooler should be closed down during the off season. This includes shutting off the water line, draining all the water out of the pan and proper cleaning. A winter cover may be installed to prevent dirt and dust from getting inside your system. A proper winter close down will prolong the life of your evaporative cooler for many years.

No, it is recommended that soft water equipment not be attached to any water lines going to the cooler. “Soft Water” may cause corrosion and decrease effective life of the cooler.

There could be two reasons for this. 1) The water could be coming from the Auto Flush System, systematically flushing your evaporative cooler every 8 hours of operating time, or 2) the water supply system may need to be adjusted or replaced. There should never be a constant dripping of water from your cooler.

First, have you serviced your evaporative cooler this year? Drain the water, flush and clean the reservoir. Ensure the cooler has a bleed-off or Auto Flush System installed. Second, you may need to clean or replace the filter media. If you have new filter media you should run your pump without the blower if possible for a period of time to wash out some of the smell. Note: By installing an Auto Flush System in your evaporative cooler this will help control this problem during the cooling season.

During the winter close down is when you want to inspect your evaporative cooler for any scratches or rusting that may be present. Rust protective spray paint or cooler emulsion coating should be done at this time of year to prolong the life of your cooler.

Contact us with the model and serial number handy.

For all of the Aerocool models, the model and serial number can be found under the electrical connection. All others can be found on the rear top flange or the rear leg of the cabinet.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) is a measure used to rate efficiency of air conditioners. It refers to the BTU/hr of cooling, per watt of electricity. Evaporative coolers are rated by CFM, (Cubic Feet per Minute), of air flow. Since blower motors consume electricity based upon the horsepower of the motor, there is not an energy rating that is the same as the compressor units. Evaporative coolers are 50% to 80% more efficient then central air conditioning. Evaporative cooling can be as much as 50% less to install the central air conditioning as well.

Yes, any evaporative cooler can be fitted with a Home Comfort Control System. Depending on the application of your system, a Home Comfort Control System can make your evaporative cooler more efficient and comfortable in your home.

Yes, all of the residential cooler motors and water circulating systems that we use are thermally protected. Desert Cooler Specialist uses only factory parts to ensure the safety of you and your family. All of our residential electrical parts come with a 1 or 2 year warranty.

We listen to your requests and guide you through every detail of the process. You choose the option that best fits your needs.