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Go Green, Save Green

The idea of sustainability factors in the environment, the economy and cultural values. Going green should address all these areas, and evaporative coolers go pretty green.

Environmental Impact

Evaporative coolers use around 25% of the energy required to run a comparable air conditioning system, reducing your carbon footprint.
To save water, select a unit or system with efficient water management. Take advantage of system timers to schedule the unit to turn on during the hottest part of the day and off in the evening.

To maximize efficiency, schedule regular maintenance. Also, open windows and doors strategically when the unit is on so that you can operate it at the lowest comfortable setting.

Economic Impact

Evaporative cooler installation costs about half of what a comparable AC installation would cost.

The energy savings translate to lower energy bills – up to 75% lower!

Because evaporative coolers require regular maintenance, we offer savings through our Comfort Club program.

Cultural Values

Invigorating fresh air and relief from desert high temperatures: whether at work or home, you’ll notice a difference in mood and productivity.

At Desert Cooler Specialist, we embrace a culture of customer service. We take pride in our unique expertise and are passionate about saving you money!

We listen to your requests and guide you through every detail of the process. You choose the option that best fits your needs.