Hot summer heat in the workplace is an annual problem that plagues most offices. Employers often see a decrease in productivity from their employees directly caused by the summer heat.

Working in a hot environment decreases both mental alertness and physical performance. Increased body temperature and physical discomfort promote irritability, anger and other emotional states that can divert attention from daily tasks. If these problems are not addressed, the office will lose on what could have been a productive summer.

Many facility managers are aware of the effects of high temperatures in the work environment but with the high costs associated with cooling; don’t know what to do about it. The quest for a practical and economical solution for cooling ends with the installation of affordable and effective evaporative cooler technology.

Evaporative cooling utilizes one of Mother Nature’s best resources: water. It’s often can be implemented in warehouse buildings, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers; as in a high performance duel inlet commercial application. This is a great low cost alternative to central air conditioning. Evaporative cooler systems often cost pennies on the dollar to operate as opposed to traditional central air conditioning system

Do not allow the summer heat to slow down your productivity. At Desert Cooler Specialists, we install a wide range of evaporative coolers designed for residential, industrial and commercial applications. We have a wide variety of models that will suite any home size and budget.  Contact us to schedule an appointment: (760) 832-8737

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