As we are in the midst of winter season, it is time for homeowners to winterize their Evaporative Coolers if they have not done so already. Part of maintaining an Evaporative Cooler is shutting it down for the duration of the winter months. There is a double advantage from winterizing maintenance, not only does it prolong the life of the Evaporative cooler by reducing the risk damage to the unit when it is not in use. It also extends its functioning longevity and reduces the energy cost of heating during the winter season.

Below is a thorough list of instructions that should be followed in chronological order.

  • Turn off the water source, disconnect the water line and allow water to drain back out from the line.
  • Shut off the water valve that feeds and controls the water flow to the cooler.
  • Completely drain the system.
  • Remove the access panel and pull the overflow tube away from the drain opening to allow the water in the tube to flow into the water tray inside the unit.
  • Once this is done, remove the bottom tray and empty it from the drained water.
  • The tray will most likely have mineral buildup and possibly rust debris on its surface that needs to be cleaned out as well.
  • In order to remove this mineral build up, it is recommended that you use environmentally friendly acid based cleaners or vinegar.
  • Disconnect the water flow tube to prevent condensation from occurring during the winter months.
  • Put the pads back in to the unit. Do not put new pads into the unit until you are preparing the unit for summer use.
  • Put the access panel back on the unit, making sure it is in the right place and secure.
  • Finally pull the cooler cover over the equipment. We provide our clients for an additional charge with customized protective covers that provide both protection and insulation for your cooler to keep the system clean during the winter.

Desert Cooler is currently offering a Winterizing Special for the winter season. Our Partnership Program includes twice a year service, one for spring start-up and the other for winter shut down. Contact Desert Cooler Specialists today to schedule your winterizing appointment and to learn more about our Partnership Program. 760 832-8737