How a Cooler Close Down Can Turn Back Time!

The parts and connections within your evaporative cooling system work very hard during the cooling season. Plus, while it’s being used, pads, pumps, motors and belts collect dirt and began to wear out as the season comes to an end. These are the natural processes that any kind of equipment would experience over time. However, the most important step you can take to remove these equipment “age spots” is to schedule a winter close down on your evaporative cooling system as you prepare for winter.

Not only can a close down prolong your equipment life by as much as 3 to 5 years; it can also eliminate other problems that may be hiding. Winter close downs allow us to take care of any rust prevention that may be needed. Leaving water in an evaporative cooler for several months can affect many parts within the system such as pumps and motors causing failing due to moisture. Some systems have high performance filter media, when left in water for several months can attract mold and mildew reducing the life of the pads not to mention health problems down the road. Winterizing your system and installing a winter cover can also keep the system clean during the winter winds, eliminating dirt and sand being blown in at spring start up. Disconnecting the water supply line from its source and draining the line could reduce the chance of a bursting the water line due to the winter freeze. Winterizing your cooler often pays for itself many times over through energy savings, avoiding future repairs, and prolonging the life of the system.

Evaporative cooler manufactures says that your typical maintenance close down for your cooler should include the following:

• Shutoff and disconnect the water supply line from its water source.
• Drain and clean pan, pumps, pump screen and filter media if possible.
• Locate any rust or corrosion that may need paint and sealing.
• Unplug all pumps and Auto Flush systems. Unplug motor if cover is installed.
• Some systems do not include automatic back draft dampers at the cooler. Installing a winterizing cover can help keep cold air out and your heat in.
• If you use your cooler year round we recommend that you should still winterize your system. You can winterize your system by draining the water, cleaning and doing any rust prevention that may be needed. Unplug the pumps but don’t install the winterizing cover. You have still reduced the corrosion time of your system by 3 to 5 years.
• Your evaporative cooler works very hard to keep you and your family comfortable during the summer months not to mention saving you on your utilities. Yearly maintenance plans pay for themselves every year.

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