An evaporative cooling system is simply the most cost effective and economical way to cool your home. At Desert Cooler we provide Coachella Valley residents with innovative, efficient evaporative cooling systems. We draw on the latest technology to create intelligent, environmentally friendly and user friendly cooling systems that maximize energy efficiency and minimise cooling expenses.

Why Choose Desert Cooler Evaporative Coolers?

  • Evaporative coolers will cool your entire home at a cost that is 80% cheaper than air conditioners. They have low running costs and will reduce your energy bills.
  • Naturally cooled, evaporative coolers will circulate fresh air throughout your entire home, driving odors and stale air out.
  • The Desert Cooler fan component within the evaporative cooler maximizes efficiency and insures delivery of cool air to the entire living area.
  • Unlike the evaporative coolers from the past, Desert Cooler motor technology ensures quiet motor operation.
  • Desert Cooler is environmentally friendly and our evaporative coolers minimize water consumption.

At Desert Cooler Specialists, we install a wide range of evaporative coolers designed for residential, industrial and commercial applications. We have a wide variety of models that will suite any home size or budget. Contact us to schedule an appointment: (760) 832-8737

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