Home owners are starting to realize that evaporative cooling systems offer a smarter, safer, and a more energy efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning systems.   The high efficiency in evaporative coolers is attributable to the fact that they mostly use water which is readily available and has excellent thermodynamics and chemical properties. Evaporative coolers use up to 75% less electricity, possess no harsh or dangerous chemicals, and only require a limited amount of water to work.

Global warming is caused by the release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, which form a blanket and reflect heat back to the earth’s surface, or hold heat in the atmosphere. The most infamous greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide which once released remains in the atmosphere for 500 years, so there is a constant build up as time progresses. The main cause of carbon dioxide emission is in the generation of electricity and power stations. Due to the fact that air conditioning units use up a significant amount of electricity, especially in the summertime heat, they contribute to the greenhouse emission of our planet.

What are HCFCs?

HCFC refrigerants are liquid coolers used in commercial air conditioning and refrigeration applications; they are usually toxic and flammable. Research has found that ozone layer is thinning, due to emissions into the atmosphere of HCFC refrigerants such as chlorofluorocarbons CFC, Halons and Bromides.

In areas that have low average humidity, an evaporative/swamp cooler can work wonders without wasting electricity and damaging the ozone layer. Contact Desert Cooler if you have any questions regarding the advantages of installing an Evaporative Cooler for your home. Call Today 760.832.8737

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